moi1Rachit Agarwal is a postdoc at AMPLab. He graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a PhD in Computer Engineering, working with the awesome duo of Brighten Godfrey and Matthew Caesar. In the past, Rachit has worked on problems in systems, networking, theoretical computer science and coding theory. His current research interests are in building systems for big data analytics with a particular focus on low latency and high throughput data stores.

When Rachit is not working on Succinct, he still likes to think about interesting problems in networking and theoretical computer science. Read more about Rachit and his research.


Anurag Khandelwal is a third year graduate student at AMPLab. He started his research at AMPLab with the Succinct project, and has been actively working on the core Succinct techniques and system building. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur and has interned at MSR Cambridge (working on the FaRM project) and at MSR Redmond (working on attacking datacenter networks). Read more about Anurag and his research


Ion Stoica is a professor in the EECS department at UC Berkeley. He received his PhD from CMU in 2000. He does research on cloud computing and networked computer systems. Past work includes the Dynamic Packet State (DPS), Chord DHT, Internet Indirection Infrastructure (i3), declarative networks, replay debugging, and multi-layer tracing in distributed systems. His current research focuses on resource management and scheduling in data centers, cluster computing frameworks, and network architectures. He is an ACM fellow and has received numerous awards, including the SIGCOMM Test of Time Award (2011) and the ACM doctoral dissertation award (2001). In 2006, he co-founded Conviva, a startup to commercialize technologies for large-scale video distribution, and in 2013, he co-founded Databricks a startup to commercialize technologies for big data processing. Read more about Ion and his research


Over the past year, several follow-up projects have spun out of Succinct project. Several new students have joined the Succinct team, working on various aspects of Succinct. The most active of these students are Zongheng Yang (undergraduate at UC Berkeley), Wenting Zheng (graduate student at UC Berkeley), Frank Li (graduate student at UC Berkeley) and Evan Ye (undergraduate student at UC Berkeley).