Succinct is a data store that enables efficient queries directly on a compressed representation of the input data. Succinct uses a compression technique that achieves compression close to that of gzip and yet allows random access into the input data. In addition, Succinct natively supports a wide range of queries including count and search of arbitrary strings, range and wildcard queries.

What differentiates Succinct from previous data stores is that Succinct supports these queries¬†without¬†storing any secondary indexes, without requiring data scans and without decompressing the data — all the required information is embedded within the compressed representation and queries are executed directly on the compressed representation.

As a base API, Succinct exposes a simple interface that supports above queries on flat files. Applications that perform queries on semi-structured data can extend this API to build higher-level data representations.

On real-world and benchmark datasets, Succinct requires as much as an order of magnitude lower storage compared to state-of-the-art systems with similar functionality. As a result, Succinct executes more queries in faster storage, leading to lower query latency than existing systems for a much larger range of input sizes.